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ADA Compliance

Fully accessible forms can be found on our Accessible Forms Page

Forms for Students

  • Undergraduate Graduation Application Form
    This form is to be used by undergraduate students applying to graduate. It must be signed by your advisor and then the department chair.
  • Change of Major
    The Change of Major form is available through the CALS department office.  See footer below for contact information.
  • GE Substitution Form
  • This petition form is to be used by students attempting to substitute a GE course. Please read instructions on the form closely.
  • Request for Incomplete
  • This form is for students requesting an “Incomplete”. 

Forms for Faculty

Enrollment & Registration

  • Petition of Time Conflict
    Students are not allowed to enroll in any two or more classes meeting during the same time period. If this does occur the student may petition to enroll in both classes with the approval of the instructors on how meeting periods can be adjusted to accommodate the conflicting time. Please note: these forms are to be submitted during the add period. Both courses do need to be open in order for the form to be processed.
  • Petition to Add (after posted deadline)
    This petition form is to be used by students who wish to add after the deadline. Petitions to add after the deadline are accepted for review when a student has serious or compelling reasons that prevented him/her from meeting the add deadline. 
  • Petition to Take Additional Units
    This form is to be used by students requesting to register for more than the maximum units set for the term. Please note:​

Less Common Forms


Not finding what you are looking for?  

Many additional forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar,  Forms & Petitions