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Maricela Ibarra
Alumni Spotlight - Maricela Ibarra

Maricela Ibarra graduated in 1999 with a BA in Chicano and Latino Studies.

Bianca Valencia Barraza
Alumni Spotlight - Bianca Valencia Barraza

Bianca Alejandra Valencia Barraza graduated with a Chicano and Latino Studies BA in Spring 2020. She tells us of her future goals and how CALS has aid her in her pursuit in her interview.

Lizbet Gonzalez
Alumni Spotlight - Lizbet Gonzalez

Lizbet Gonzalez graduated with a duo Bachelor of Arts, one being in Chicano and Latino Studies in 2020. In her interview, she informs us how the the CALS major has helped her, her future plans and more.

Chicano and Latino Studies
New CALS Faculty

The department is thrilled to welcome Dr. Silvia Soto and Dr. Natalia Villanueva-Nieves!

raza grads
Congratulations to our graduates!

Congratulations to our 2020 Graduates